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The Story of My Mother Dear

The Story of My Mother Dear


It seemed like yesterday
That you shared words of encouragement
You let us know that you cared
No matter how far away
Morning afternoon or day
I could feel your prayers
Helping me along the way
You showed undying love
You were sent from up above
Always by my side
When others turned their backs away
(family) Thank you Mama
We’re gonna miss you
You will never be replaced
And we all know
That you’re in a better place
We’re gonna miss you
We can still see your smile
My spirit lets me know
That this pain is only for a while.
She fought a good fight
And I believe she finished her course
Though times got rough
She stood up proud for what was right
Now she gone away
And I know it’s gonna be O.K.
So these tears I cry
Won’t bring her back to life
Now we stand tall for what we believe
Mama we know
We got to carry on the FIGHT!

By Isaiah Drone III